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Diagnosed at the age of 9months with Cystic Fibrosis meant many hours spent doing therapy each day. Despite this exhausting disease, I never let it stop me from being a kid, nor did my mom and dad. Life was as normal as it could be until my lungs started to fail; every little thing I did was so much work. I had to stop working and go on oxygen at home.  I was listed February 2012 for a Double-Lung Transplant, knowing that this would be my only hope at a new life.  After battling Cystic Fibrosis for 26 years, I received my gift of a double-lung transplant October 2012.

Having received the amazing gift of life, my double-lung transplant this fall I feel as though it is now my duty to do all I can to ensure Organ Donation is properly understood by everyone.

Throughout this journey I have met many inspiring and amazing people along the way who all have much in common with my family and I. They too deserve to experience a new life and to breathe easy.

I thank my hero EVERYDAY for the life I awake to each and every morning. I am truly blessed by an amazing miracle.

Amanda lives in Sheffield with her husband Jason.  Amanda is currently enjoying her new found freedom and life.  As her weekly visits to TGH slow down, she wants to focus on organ & tissue donation awareness and community events as this is extremely important to her.

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