Life Donation Awareness Associate of Midwest Ontario

Andrea Clegg

Carol Dubeau
Joanna Mitchell

John Wynen

Website Managers
Christine Jowett
John Wynen

Social Media Representative
Kelly Kleinschmidt-Thorman

Resource Manager
Pam Ditner

Events Manager
Brandy Wind

Additional Executive Committee Members
Carol Thorman
Janet Parr
Don Stewart
Mike Sullivan


Upcoming Events

Guelph BeADonor Flag Raising
March 1, 2017

Guelph’s 6th Annual BeADonor Flag Raising April 7th Guelph City Hall Room 112 Carden Street Guelph 11:45 am – 1 pm. The event will include interactive stations where we share the most recent statistics on registered donors, people waiting for organs in Guelph; personal sharings by organ recipients, organ donors and organ donor families; also […]

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