Life Donation Awareness Associate of Midwest Ontario

Be the reason someone lives. Be an organ and tissue donor.

The Life Donation Awareness Association is a collaboration of community volunteers building awareness and support for Organ and Tissue Donation initiatives required to save lives.

Our members are pre and post-transplant recipients, family, friends, donor family members and volunteers working to communicate the miraculous changes that can be achieved from acting with vision and compassion.

Someone in Canada dies every three days waiting for a Transplant. In Ontario, over 1500 people are presently wait-listed. Notwithstanding the marvels of modern medicine, no progress can be attained without action from the Donor Community.

Our goal is to reach out and engage the public on the value of their decision which can change the destiny of individuals and families that otherwise are without hope.

We want to touch people with our stories. Dispel misconceptions and share the reality of life before and after transplant.

One organ and tissue donor can save up to 8 lives and enhance as many as 75 more. Each of us has the incredible power to create change, each of us carry in our hearts the Gift of Life!

There are four chapters of LDAA across Southern Ontario.

– Region of Waterloo and Wellington County, including Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph and surrounding townships

– Oxford County, including Woodstock and surrounding townships

– Niagara Region, including Niagara Falls, St. Catherines and surrounding townships

– Burlington/Hamilton/Oakville, including surrounding townships

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